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Community Outreach and Q&A

You are invited to come hear our plans for the future on Thursday, May 23 at 6 pm.


Gareth Crawford, President & CEO

Gareth Crawford leads the Carey Institute’s mission to advance Wm. Polk Carey’s defining principle of “Doing Good While Doing Well” and to bring together innovative and dynamic people from around the world to seek creative solutions to the most pressing challenges of the day.

Gareth has extensive experience designing, implementing and leading non-profit development programs around the world, particularly in crisis and conflict. Prior to joining the Carey Institute for Global Good, Gareth served as Head of Disaster Risk Management in Asia for Plan International, one of the oldest and largest international child development organizations. Covering 14 countries in South and South East Asia, he was responsible for ensuring quality, accountability, sustainability and learning in all disaster-related programming in the region.

He has previously led programs focusing on children and women’s’ rights for Medecins Sans Frontiers, Save the Children and BBC Media Action, in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda and Pakistan. He has over 15 years of experience leading initiatives in Education, Sustainable Development, Health, Media and Journalism sectors.

Gareth serves on the board of directors of Doctors of the World, an international humanitarian organization that provides emergency and long-term medical care to vulnerable populations while fighting for equal access to healthcare worldwide.