Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

Wilfredo Miranda Aburto (2019) is a Nicaraguan journalist, currently in exile in Costa Rica. For more than seven years he has been working as an investigative journalist for the digital newspaper “Confidencial” and the weekend news show “Esta Semana.” He has collaborated with different media in Latin America and the United States and is a correspondent for ‘Univision Noticias’ in Nicaragua. He has covered political issues but above all human rights violations: forced displacement, illegal trafficking of indigenous territories, environment, mining conflicts and extra-judicial executions.

His journalistic research has earned him several awards, including the Premio Iberoamericano de Periodismo Rey de España 2018, the Pedro Joaquín Chamorro National Prize for Excellence in Journalism on four occasions and the Diego Portales Journalism University of Chile Journalism Prize in 2016. He also received first and second place of the Initiative for Investigative Journalism in the Americas, promoted by the International Center for Journalist (ICFJ) and Honorable Mention at the Latin American Research Conference in 2016.

During his time as a Logan Nonfiction fellow, Miranda will write a long-term chronicle of the violent Nicaraguan crisis, taking as a starting point the extra-judicial executions committed against citizens. It is a compendium that will try to bring readers closer to a complex socio-political crisis, with antecedents beyond April 2018 and unsuspected consequences in Nicaragua and for the Central American region.