Roberto Lovato

Roberto Lovato (2019) is a teacher, journalist and writer based at The Writers Grotto in San Francisco, California. The author of a forthcoming memoir about war, gang violence and Salvadoran migration, Lovato is also recipient of a reporting grant from the Pulitzer Center. Until 2015, Lovato was a fellow at U.C. Berkeley’s Latinx Research Center and recently finished a teaching stint at UCLA. His essays and reporting appear in numerous publications including Guernica Magazine, the Boston Globe, Foreign Policy magazine, the Guardian, the Los Angeles Times, Der Spiegel, La Opinion and other national and international publications.

As a Logan Nonfiction Program fellow, Roberto will work on his book which blends journalism, memoir and history to tell the story behind the Central American stories—child separation, caravans, MS13 gang violence—dominating recent electoral and news cycles of the United States.