Jaime Lowe

Jaime Lowe (2020) is a frequent contributor to The New York Times Magazine and The New York Times. Her work has appeared in New York magazine, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, Topic magazine, Daily Beast, Gawker, The Village Voice, LA Weekly and on ESPN.com. She has appeared on RadioLab, WNYC, KCRW, NPR, and she has taught writing at Walkill Correctional Facility and been a guest lecturer at the New School. Lowe is the author of “Digging for Dirt: The Life and Death of ODB,” a biography of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, a founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan and “Mental,” a memoir about bipolar disorder and lithium. Last June, “The Incarcerated Women Who Fight California’s Wildfires,” an article Lowe wrote for The New York Times Magazine, was optioned by both Margot Robbie’s production company LuckyChap & Automatik and One Community; Lowe will serve as executive producer. She recently reported an hour-long “This American Life” episode titled “Ten Sessions” about trauma therapy.

As a Logan Nonfiction Program fellow, Jamie will work on her book, “Breathing Fire: On the Front Line with California’s Female Inmate Firefighters,” to be published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux.