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Map a Supply Chain

You can use Source NY’s supply chain mapping tool to create your own supply chain map for marketing purposes, or you can submit your supply chain data through our private supply chain survey.

What do you want to do?

Submit data to Source NY’s current Supply Chain Survey. Through the month of March, we are collecting data on malt and hops. Data collected through these surveys will remain private unless you give us permission to make it public.  

Create a supply chain for your own use. There are three ways to make a supply chain map. Note that this map will be public.  

  • Complete this form and submit to Source NY staff who will make the supply chain and share it with you.
  • Set up your own account with Open Sourcemap or log in to your existing account and select “Map a New Supply Chain.”  
  • Schedule a phone call with Source NY staff and submit your supply chain data over the phone. Contact Rebecca Platelat 518 797 5100 or