Raw Grain Project

Source NY and Helderberg Brewery have launched the Raw Grain Project! Loosely based on a Community Supported Agriculture model, our goal is to foster direct marketing linkages and collaboration between farmers and brewers. While we hope to make participation in future sessions a bit more formal and value-added, our first time out is a pilot.

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How can I participate?
  1. Complete this form
  2. You will be placed on the Source NY’s Raw Grain Project Map
  3. Order and pick up grain from one of the participating farmers
  4. Design a recipe and brew
  5. Document and share your results
How much does it cost?

It is free to participate, aside from the cost of the grain and your time.

What will my business get from participating?
  1. Direct access to local, raw grain and the farmer who grew it
  2. Inclusion is a special marketing campaign highlighting
  3. “Certified Source NY” Certificate of Participation to display in your brewery or taproom