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Journalism for an informed democracy

The Logan Nonfiction Program believes that an informed, educated and engaged citizenry is essential to the functioning of democratic society.

We rely on journalists to filter misinformation, ensure transparency and provide us with accurate and unbiased content. Yet, journalists are required to work with fewer resources, tighter deadlines and more pressure than ever before.

Founded in 2015, the Logan Nonfiction Program directly supports nonfiction writers, documentary filmmakers, photojournalists and multimedia creators so they can tell the stories that matter. Our fellows are dedicated to bravely revealing inequality, illuminating untold truths and investigating the most pressing issues of the day through long-form narrative.

Ultimately, the Logan Nonfiction Program helps to equip citizens with the information they need to lead constructive discourse and create sustainable change in our world.

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For more information email nonfiction@careyinstitute.orgMajor funding provided by the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation – empowering world-changing work.