lost bird_parakeetThe Carey Institute for Global Good Art and Music program provides an ideal residential setting where individuals and groups of artists, musicians and performers can come together to learn, connect, collaborate and share. Situated in an inspiring, distraction-free space surrounded by nature, the Carey Institute provides artists everything they need to create, rehearse, record and perform.

The Carey Institute for Global Good is an ideal setting for artistic creation, education, training and capacity building. We provide space and bring together students with masters and experts for immersive learning experiences in music, literature, filmmaking and performance art. Extraordinary mentorship, intensive workshops, immersive master classes and intimate performances help to infuse students with a love for their vocation and introduce audiences to new and exceptional talent. Experts pass on their knowledge through mentoring and coaching in order to develop the next generation of artists and performers. Networks and peer groups come together to connect, inspire new ideas, share best practices and grow together.

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Sarah Gordon, External Affairs