Katy Scoggin

Katy Scoggin (2020) is a documentary filmmaker working on her first feature documentary. Previously, she co-produced and filmed on the Laura Poitras documentaries “CitizenFour” (2015 Academy Award, Best Documentary) and “Risk” (2016 Cannes Directors Fortnight); produced NYTimes OpDocs “The Program” and “Death of a Prisoner;” and associate-produced Emmy-nominated “The Oath” (2010 Sundance Film Festival). In 2016, she filmed on the U.S. campaign trail for two AJ Schnack series, the IDA Award-nominated “NomiNation” and First Look Media’s “Primaries.” Prior to filmmaking, Katy made sculptures from butter and iron.

As a Logan fellow, she is entering post-production on “Flood,” a decade-long documentary about evolution, creationism and reaching across familial divides.