We’re Hiring: HR Administrator


Seeking HR Administrator

REPORTS TO: Executive Assistant and Finance Manager 

PURPOSE: The Carey Institute for Global Good is dedicated to making a better world by contributing to a strong, educated and just society. 

Our Values 

  • Citizens and civil society should: be educated, healthy and safe; be informed, empowered and engaged; have their rights protected, sufficient representation and the right to fully participate in the democratic process. 
  • Governance should be: effective, transparent and accountable; responsive, responsible and representative; inclusive, just and participatory. 
  • Development should be: economically, ecologically and socially ethical, equitable and sustainable 

The HR Administrator provides leadership and management of the HR function for the Carey Institute. They will support the Carey Institute achieve its strategic goals by supporting management to ensure high quality staff are recruited, retained and developed. They will also ensure compliance with Carey Institute’s HR policies, procedures and systems, and labor law.  

Please note that we are committed to workplace diversity and providing equal employment opportunities for all qualified applicants and employees. We are looking for the person who understand the unique nature of a mission-driven organization. As a staff member of an international development and humanitarian organization, the HR Administrator will commit to complying with Carey Institute’s standards and policies related to Child Protection, Gender Equality, Inclusion and Diversity. All Carey Institute staff are expected to uphold the organization’s Values and Behaviors in every aspect of their work.  

Applications: If you feel you would be a great fit for the Carey Institute, please email your cover letter with salary requirement and resume to CIGGhumanresources@careyinstitute.org  

Dimensions of the Position: 

 The post-holder is responsible for supporting development and implementing the HR strategy/and policies to support the organization’s goals. 

  • The post-holder is responsible for providing full, efficient and effective HR support for all staff. 
  • The post-holder is responsible for ensuring full compliance with CIGG internal and external HR policies, procedures and systems and labor law, and ensuring all people-related risks are identified and managed.  
  • Plan, implement, monitor and evaluate work with the aim of achieving gender equality and ensuring the implementation of Carey Institute’s commitments as outlined in the Policies. 

Responsibilities and Accountabilities of the Position: 

A high-performing team for Carey Institute is planned and resourced for maximum efficiency and effectiveness on program delivery: 

  • Provide analysis of human resource requirements via strategic workforce planning and support for Strategic Planning and budgeting purposes. 
  •  Provide HR expertise, advice and support to Carey Institute department managers across the organization, including for development of grant proposals. 

Rights and Responsibilities – All staff are aware of their contractual rights and responsibilities in delivering their work for the Carey Institute in line with the Employee Handbook and other HR policies:  

  • Performs customer service functions by answering employee requests and questions and providing education in regards to benefits and HR policies and procedures. 
  • Support the development of additional policies required (driven by grant requirements) 
  • Provide advice and coaching to managers and staff on HR policies and procedures, including those related to poor performance, misconduct and formal / informal grievances. 
  • Ensure relevant HR policies are well understood and consistently implemented by Carey Institute staff and consultants. 
  • Ensure that Carey Institute’s performance management system is well understood and implemented via the ADP in a timely way by Carey Institute staff and managers. 
  • Ensure that all staff are aware of the policies and procedures contained in the Employee Handbook Book and all benefits are administered in line with this. 
  • Ensuring that the Carey Institute Staff Handbook is regularly updated to comply with labor law, changes in Carey Institute’s policies and that any updates are effectively communicated to staff in a timely way. 

Onboarding / Induction / Orientation – staff joining Carey Institute are effectively informed about the organization, its strategies and the purpose of their role in the fulfilment of strategic objectives: 

  • Work with Carey Institute management on the preparation of materials and events to ensure new staff know about CIGG and can access specific technology as required, perform effectively in their roles in minimum time. 
  • Set up new employees on ADP payroll system, conduct initial/continuing time clock and record keeping education for employees, collaborate with managers to enter correct time on payroll system.  
  • Process employee applications, arrange interviews, conduct background and reference checks, ensure I-9 compliance.  

Reward – Carey Institute staff are remunerated in accordance with the local market, Carey Institute’s values and policies, and local labor law:  

  • Monitor NGO salary reports 
  • Oversee payroll, records and benefits, establishing accurate systems for monitoring this. 
  • Prepare the annual staffing budget with relevant colleagues. 

Learning and Development – Carey Institute has staff with the right skills to deliver organizational goals: 

  • Develop and oversee a system to capture and analyze the learning needs of Carey Institute staff. 
  • Create and monitor a learning and development program for Carey Institute staff based on the training needs analysis and current and future skills needs. 
  • Coordinate refresher trainings for all staff. 

Leadership and Management – Carey Institute is supported with effective HR practices: 

  • The HR Administrator provides effective HR support to the President and provides strategic HR input, advice and support to the Management Team. 
  • All reporting required by the Carey Institute HR is prepared in a timely way and to a high standard. 
  • Maintain employee records, record and report employee data to managers, corporate, or government agencies as required, coordinate benefits, manage employee leaves and assist managers with employee actions as requested. 

Safety, Risk Management – Carey Institute staff is safeguarded with effective HR practices: 

  • Analyze, identify and manage all HR risks for Carey Institute. 
  • Provide effective HR support to Carey Institute’s programs and staff in the event of a disaster. 

HR Administrative Responsibilities:  

  • Create, maintain, and audit employee personnel, performance management and confidential files 
  • Benefits and 401(k) administration. Reconciles benefits statements to payroll deductions and ensures bill is correct from adding and terminating employee 
  • Maintains HRIS/Payroll system’s records and compiles reports from the database 
  • Maintains compliance with federal, state and local employment and benefits laws and regulations 
  • Maintains and processes all Unemployment Notices of Entitlement and potential charges in a timely, efficient manner. Attends unemployment hearings when necessary. 
  • Reports, maintains and monitors all workers’ compensation case files; follows-up on open cases. 
  • Process wage garnishments 
  • Manage vendors, contracts, and invoices on behalf of the HR department 
  • Ensure accurate, timely and adequate financial records, cost reports and employee data reports submitted to authorized government agencies as required by current regulations. 
  • Perform other duties as reasonably requested by the Supervisor and Carey Institute’s. 

Dealing with Problems: 

  • Handling of sensitive and difficult people management cases 
  • Supporting managers to create a positive working environment where staff are engaged and motivated  
  • Supporting managers with the management of change 
  • Dealing with multiple competing demands 
  • Analyze and provide feedback on HR policies, procedures and practices 
  • The post holder is required to analyze complex problems and resolve them with support from management 

Required Knowledge, Skills and Behaviors 


  • Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in human resources, business, related field or equivalent.  
  • Excellent knowledge of labor and employment laws and its practical application in the workplace. 
  • Excellent knowledge of good peoplemanagement and development practices. 
  • Basic financial acumen and the ability to align HR and Finance / Ops policies and procedures 
  • Knowledge of HR terminology. 
  • ADP and QuickBooks 


  • At least two years related experience in human resources function with knowledge of wage and hour laws and regulations preferred. Strong technological skills including experience in HRIS/Payroll systems (ADP preferred) 
  • Minimum two years’ experience of human resource management 
  • Experience of operating effectively in a matrix management structure is desirable 
  • Ability to plan and execute work effectively, handling multiple competing priorities and managing effectively. 
  • Excellent written and spoken communication, diplomacy, and facilitation skills. 
  • Analytical and strategic thinking skills, and the ability to produce high-quality reports for management 
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Outlook and QuickBooks. SharePoint and WordPress.  


  • Supports a culture based upon openness, transparency, honesty, consistency and fairness  
  • Leads with honesty and integrity, holds oneself and others accountable for results and values learning from mistakes 
  • Works to build constructive relationships within and outside the Carey Institute to achieve shared goals  
  • Actively promotes an environment where every person is treated with dignity and respect and supported and empowered to reach their full potential 
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision and technical input 

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