Their embryos were destroyed. Now they mourn the children they’ll never have


By Natalie Lampert—The Guardian—May 13, 2018—

Thousands of eggs and embryos were destroyed following a storage tank malfunction at an Ohio clinic. This weekend, a memorial service was held for the families who find themselves having to face the loss of their fertility

The first time Kate Plants almost lost her fertility was in May, 2015, after learning she had ovarian cancer.

Thank God I still have a uterus, she thought, when her left ovary had to be removed. Kate and her husband, Jeremy, had been trying to conceive when she was diagnosed. Thank God I can still get pregnant.

The second time Kate Plants almost lost her fertility was in February, 2017, when doctors informed her she had uterine cancer. At the clinic that day, the look of horror on her mother-in-law’s face said it all: this was bad; Kate was in trouble.

Driving home, Kate and Jeremy were crying so hard they had to pull over. Three months later, doctors removed her uterus. Thank God we still have our embryos, she thought after the hysterectomy – the couple had frozen five before Kate underwent surgery.

For the second time, doctors had saved her life. Kate had no chance of ever becoming pregnant, but she was comforted by the fact that a gestational carrier could carry the baby created by one of embryos she and Jeremy had safely stored.

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