The Carey Institute Presents ‘A Taste of Italy’ As Part of Its Pleasures of the Palate Series

Olive oil and wine tasting highlights “terroir”

RENSSELAERVILLE, NY – The Carey Institute for Global Good presents, “A Taste of Italy,” the third installment of its Pleasures of the Palate Series on Sunday, May 25 from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. The best way to learn about Italian olive oil is to taste it, even better is to taste it paired with a distinctive wine from the same region and a bite of cheese or salami. In this seminar— join New York City’s Eataly market and restaurant’s renowned masters, Chief Oleologist Nicholas Coleman and Wine Director Dan Amatuzzi as they take you on an unforgettable Italian tasting tour featuring the finest wines and extra virgin olive oils from the country’s most exclusive hand-harvested single estate producers.

“People come together because of food, and some of the most important conversations happen around the table. This series cultivates dialogue using the shared experience of taste,” said Carol Ash, President of the Carey Institute for Global Good. “It’s important to know where your food comes from and how it shapes the world around us, we are pleased to host experts Nicholas Coleman and Dan Amatuzzi for an astonishing evening.”

The presentation highlights what is commonly called “terroir”: the unique organoleptic qualities of both oils and wines produced in the varied micro-climates and soils found in Italy’s diverse growing regions. “In agriculture, the climate and soil really affect the final product. Developing an understanding of this enriches your culinary experience,” said Coleman. This seminar also teaches attendees how to showcase oils and wines with the appropriate cuisines.

The tastings are accompanied by a series of breathtaking photographs, showing the entire oil and wine production process from tree- and vine-to-table, including harvesting techniques and pressing methodology. Proper storage, health benefits and structured methods for selecting both oils and wines will be discussed, along with their applications in cooking.

This course gives attendees unprecedented access to the exclusive world of Italian olive oil and wine and exposes them to the varied aromas, flavors and textures of the world’s finest producers.

Pleasures of the Palate is an ongoing series, its first event “Women & Wine,” featured a discussion and wine tasting with natural wine expert and author of ‘Naked Wine,’ Alice Feiring. The series’ second event featured honey tasting with unique varieties of honey found around the world, leading the tasting was Richard Ronconi, a master beekeeper and past president of the Catskill Mountain Beekeepers’ Club. This summer, the Carey Institute for Global Good is pleased to present its upcoming “Wild Mushroom” event.

Tickets are $35. Advance reservations are required. Call 518-797-5100.

Nicholas Coleman

Nicholas’s years in Tuscany hand-harvesting olives in a grove located just outside the town of Arezzo and his experience in overseeing the pressing of some of the world’s finest olive oil give him a unique and intimate perspective on this fascinating and increasingly popular subject. Nicholas has taught oil courses in America for Zagat’s master class series, Eataly, NYU, Columbia University and platinum country clubs, as well as to Mario Batali’s staff and sommeliers at Otto, Manzo and Del Posto, where he worked directly with executive chef Mark Ladner to pioneer their first ever olive oil tasting menu. In addition, he has appeared in numerous publications including La Cucina Italiana, GQ, Esquire and Real Simple Magazine, and in 2012 Nicholas earned his sensory aptitude degree from Italy’s premier olive oil tasting school ONAOO, graduating Summa Cum Laude as a certified technical olive oil taster.  Recently, Nicholas was selected as the youngest judge at the NYIOOC, the world’s most prestigious olive oil competition for his expertise – which is now sought after worldwide.

Dan Amatuzzi

Dan’s tenure at famed New York restaurants Del Posto, Jean Georges, Babbo, Otto, and Eataly have shaped the foundation of his wine experiences and expertise.  His website,, is based on wine and spirits education, featuring interviews with winemakers, regional grape descriptions, and wine recommendations.  Dan’s most recent book, A First Course in Wine, is a comprehensive guide to understanding and enjoying wine (Racepoint Publishers).  In 2011, Zagat named Dan as one of New Yorks rising “30 under 30” culinary stars, and in January 2013, Forbes named Dan as one of the nations “30 under 30” to watch in the food and wine industry.  His works have appeared in various publications and he’s been featured in Food and Wine Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Radio, Cosmo Radio, WGN Chicago, NBC’s Today Show, and Fox’s Good Day New York, among others.  He holds a MBA degree from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at NYU and is an adjunct professor at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at NYU.