Sustainable Learning in Practice: Refugee Educator Report


The Carey Institute for Global Good aims to make a better world by contributing to a strong, educated and just society. We convene innovative and dynamic people from throughout the world and support them in seeking creative solutions to global challenges in education, sustainable development, and long-form journalism, each a critical pillar of a healthy democracy. 

With more than 65 million forcibly displaced people in the world, the well-being of refugees has taken on crisis proportions. Failure to offer refugees opportunities to learn and develop not only poses an immediate threat to their well-being and health; it also threatens personal, national, and international security in the long term. Yet, there is a staggering shortage of people qualified to teach these 65 million people, and refugee educators sorely lack access to essential educational tools and supports. 

The Carey Institute for Global Good’s Center for Learning in Practice (CLiP) is dedicated to promoting the education of all people through the advancement of a sustainable learning framework—a set of core workforce development methods and tools for use by a range of public and nonprofit organizations. Our online Refugee Educator Academy uses the framework to recruit, train, and support people who teach refugees anywhere in the world.

This paper summarizes CLiP’s completed, ongoing, and future activities to establish the Refugee Educator Academy. We outline the three phases of our work: engagement and planning; the design workshop; and the pilot/prototype academy.  

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