Raw Grain Project Update: Raw Spelt Sour Released


Visiting Brewer Justin Sturges returned to Helderberg Brewery earlier this month for the release of our first sour beer. The beer features a grain bill of 50% organic raw (unmalted) spelt grown in Schoharie County.  

Typically, spelt must be dehulled (a process of removing the grain’s protective outer husk) and malted before a brewer will use it. But, this past harvest season, the few dehulling machines in New York State were out of operation, and the grower was unable to get the grain processed. It still met food grade specs though, so we bought 100lbs with which to experiment as a malt adjunct. You can read more about the recipe and brewing process here.

The results were successful—a light and dry sour beer, with hint of lemon and barnyard. Stop by the taproom to try a pint on Wednesdays or Fridays from 6 to 10PM.  

Raw Spelt Sour Released at the Helderberg Brewery