Taran N. Khan

Taran N. Khan (2017) is a journalist and non-fiction writer based in Mumbai. She studied mass communication in Delhi and holds a Masters in development studies from the University of London. Her work has appeared internationally in Guernica, Al Jazeera, Berfrois, Himal Southasian, Gulf News and Dagsavisen, as well as in leading publications in India like The Caravan (India’s leading narrative journalism magazine), Open magazine, The Hindu and Scroll.in.

Beginning in 2006, Khan traveled to Afghanistan where she worked with filmmakers and media producers over several visits ranging from a few weeks to several months. Over the years, she consistently built a body of writing from Kabul that creates a nuanced portrait of the city. She has also created platforms for screening films by Afghan directors and has curated selections of such work for film festivals in India and internationally.

At the Carey Institute for Global Good, Khan will develop her manuscript on the cultural life of Kabul. Each of the chapters is an expedition into a different aspect of the city, told from the perspective of a woman walking through the city. She will also be revising and editing her chapters on the enterprise of making films and manufacturing dreams in a country where cinema halls and people’s imaginations have been damaged, as well as about love and marriage in Kabul.