Katherina Thomas

Katherina Thomas (2017) is a writer, journalist, and editor focused on health and human rights, particularly in West Africa. From 2014 to 2016 Thomas was the managing editor of Ebola Deeply—a collaborative, in-depth platform The Guardian called “an antidote to media scaremongering.”

Her global health stories and longform journalism have been published by The Independent, Reuters, Guernica, BBC, Financial Times, The Guardian, TIME and noted by The New York Times. Thomas has reported on public health emergencies, conflicts, and infectious disease outbreaks—including cholera and lassa fever—from countries including Liberia, Sierra Leone, Libya, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, and D.R. Congo. She has reported from more than 25 countries in Africa and is a member of the British Medical Journalists’ Association.

As a Logan Nonfiction Program fellow, Katherina will work on “Heart Fall Down: An Oral History of Ebola in Liberia.” The work weaves together the stories of dozens of people affected by the recent Ebola outbreak in Liberia, charting the arc of the epidemic, the factors that led to its spread, the immeasurable pain and challenges it caused, and the actions that curbed it.