Josh Kron

Josh Kron (2016) has been reporting and writing on politics and security in Africa for eight years. He is a longtime reporter for The New York Times in east and central Africa. His byline has appeared in the Atlantic, Foreign Policy, and many other publications.

His work includes ground-breaking investigation of al-Shabab’s 2013 Westgate shopping mall attack in Nairobi, one of the deadliest terrorist acts in recent history; South Sudan’s struggle for independence; the grab for precious minerals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and the fight for LGBT rights in Uganda. He has exposed government graft, development-aid scandals, and clandestine militarization.

Kron will be finishing writing a longform narrative on al-Shabab’s Westgate mall attack. The gunmen murdered scores—fathers, daughters, sons, mothers, mothers-to-be—then vanished. Kron covered the aftermath of the attack—Kenya’s  “9/11” moment—and the nation’s counter-terrorism operations and its clampdown on political freedoms. He spent two years studying the attack, and Kenya’s evolving approach to terrorism. His narrative ties investigative journalism with his first-hand experience as a reporter in east Africa.