Ivan Sigal

Ivan Sigal (2016) is known for his work using alternative narratives—combining photography, video and writing. Sigal is the executive director of Global Voices, a citizen media community with more than 1,400 contributing writers, analysts, online media experts and translators. Prior to his work with Global Voices, Sigal spent over a decade working in media development in the former Soviet Union and Asia, supporting and training journalists and working on media co-productions. He is currently an affiliate and a former fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. There, he conducts research on digital storytelling aesthetics and online communities.

Sigal’s photography is in multiple collections, including the Corcoran Gallery, the National Gallery of Art and others. He is the author of “White Road,” a two-volume book of photography and writing about Siberia and Central Asia.

At the Carey Institute, Sigal will write about Karachi, Pakistan, working on a text that is complementary to his interactive installation titled KCR, that explores urbanism in Karachi through the character of the defunct Karachi Circular Railway. The installation will appear at a museum show in Toronto in 2017. The text will both complement the installation, and appear as a chapter for a book to be published by Oxford University Press. The book will explore visual culture in Pakistan and is intended for the general public.