Hazel Thompson

Hazel Thompson (2018) is an award-winning British photojournalist and filmmaker who has taken up assignments in more than 60 countries for media organizations such as The Guardian, The New York Times, Stern Magazine, Vogue, Channel 4 News, FIVE News, The Sunday Times, Observer Magazine, Le Monde 2, and Politiken.

Hazel has been documenting the sex trade since 2002, focusing on the densely populated Mumbai neighborhood of Kamathipura-the second largest sex district in Asia. A resulting investigation, “Taken,” combined stunning photography, film footage, audio commentaries, interactive maps and images, and video interviews to take the reader behind locked doors, revealing girls tricked, trafficked, and sold into 21st-century sex slavery.

Hazel will join the Logan Nonfiction Program to work on “Relentless,” the story of one woman’s escape from an abusive marriage to campaign against slavery and sex trafficking around the world.