Gian Cassini

Gian Cassini (2017) is a documentary filmmaker based in Monterrey, Mexico, with experience working as a director and assistant director of full-length features, short films and television series.

Cassini is currently working on his full-length documentary film “Comala.” The film portrays his intimate personal quest in discovering the identity of his father. Largely absent from Cassini’s life growing up, his father worked as a hit man—a job that ultimately lead to his murder in Baja California six years ago. The film’s narrative structure explores the sociopolitical elements that have come to engender the narco-violence in Mexico as told by a collection of scattered familial memories. Through these memories, Cassini seeks to bind themes such as education, social values and gender inequalities in an effort to understand what can turn an individual into a killer.

During his stay, Gian Cassini will work exclusively on the editing of his documentary, with the expectation of enriching its narrative structure through the feedback of foreign advisors. The goal is to have a film of major impact for an international market.