Ewald Scharfenberg

Ewald Scharfenberg (2016), a reporter with 30 years of experience, is writing a book about three Nazi scientists (Ernst Schäfer, Heinz Brücher, and Volkmar Vareschi), who took part in a SS project to develop “super grains” to feed German troops. The three fled to Venezuela after WWII. Scharfenberg, who is based in Caracas, has gathered interviews and testimonies, visited archives in Salzburg, Munich, Berlin and Washington D.C., and gained access to one of the main characters’ memoirs. He currently works as a correspondent in Venezuela for the Spanish newspaper El País and runs Armando.info, a website focused on longform and investigative stories. Scharfenberg contributed to the Panama Papers investigation, traveling to Germany to coordinate access to and reporting on the project’s Venezuela-related documents.