Christine Mungai

Christine Mungai (2019) is a writer and journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya. She has reported on a wide range of issues including politics, culture and the arts, both for print and online media. She is currently a freelance writer whose work has recently been published in The Boston Globe, CNN Opinion, Al Jazeera, Nieman Reports and Popula Magazine. She was the 2015 first runner-up for the David Astor Journalism Award, a professional development prize for East African print journalists. She was a 2016 Bloomberg Africa Media fellow and, most recently, a 2018 Nieman fellow at Harvard University.

During her time with the Logan Nonfiction Program, Christine will work on a book examining faith spaces as the predominant site where Kenyans make political meaning of their world, and on religious discourses as the primary language that frames those meanings. The book specifically maps the contours of religiosity in Kenyan public discourse and political life.