Amy Dockser Marcus

Amy Dockser Marcus (2018) is a Boston-based staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal, where she covers health and science. She was awarded the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Beat Reporting for her coverage of cancer survivors. She writes frequently about scientific collaboration, particularly between patients, advocates and researchers.

Amy is the author of two previous books about the Middle East, where she was based for The Wall Street Journal from 1991 to 1998. Amy has a Master of Bioethics from Harvard Medical School.

During her Logan Nonfiction fellowship, Amy will be working on her book “We the Scientists,” which will be published by Riverhead-Penguin. The book is a narrative nonfiction account of the collaboration between parents and scientists seeking treatments for fatal diseases as part of the growing movement known as citizen science, and the ethical and social challenges that arise from such collaborations.