Practice Notes | September 2018



September 2018

It is fitting that this Practice Note is issued on the cusp of harvest time (in the US anyway). With it, we share the fruits of our labor over the last several months. We have reached some significant milestones and are delighted to share them with you.

• Our first thematic paper, the Sustainable Learning Framework: Advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals | Scale and Sustainability: Two Sides of the Same Coin has just come out.

With this paper, we explain the Sustainable Learning Framework, which informs all of our work.

• A partnership with Refugee Center Online in which they provide their course – Educating Refugee and Immigrant Students – on

• Eight new courses for refugee educators!

•Our first microcredential, Sustainable Learning for Refugee Educators, openly available on (Don’t miss a webinar on microcredentials next week!)

•Online, open Meet Ups for anyone wanting to talk about refugee education

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