Practice Notes | December 2019


Director’s Note |

Number 14 | December 2019

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What a Year!

We could not have imagined in 2017 when we issued a call for participation in our prototype development workshop for a Refugee Educator Academy, with the framing call to action (below), that so much could happen so fast. Thanks to partners, teachers, supporters, advisors and our incredible CLiP team, we launch into 2020 readying to provide online refugee educator training in refugee camps in Kakuma, Kenya and Dzaleka, Malawi, with teachers across Europe, as well as higher education faculty in Jordon, Egypt and Lebanon. This work is built on the invaluable insights, feedback and commitment of our first cohort of 100 US teachers. The scale of the need for this work is unprecedented in recent history. We are grateful to join a community of dedicated educators seeking to address it. The generous support of the foundation that launched the US program planted a seed that is yielding a world of learning.

– Dr. Diana Woolis, Director

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