Narrative nonfiction writer Mario Kaiser on the importance of deeply reported journalism


ivoh—March 23, 2016—

Recently ivoh featured an excerpt from “Mr. Ince and the Hope of Being Needed.” The story, written by narrative nonfiction writer, Mario Kaiser, follows the life of a Turkish day laborer in Berlin. Written over the span of a year and a half, Kaiser’s honest portrait of a day laborer’s life confronts stereotypes of migrant workers and deeply examines the affects of a migrant’s hard day’s work.

Kaiser’s writing, which spans human rights topics including immigration and incarceration, balances both the personal conditions of the individuals he spends time with and the larger social context that looms behind his protagonists. His socially oriented long form stories do not shy away from difficult subject matter. In fact, most of his long-term immersive stories are written in areas that are difficult to reach. Kaiser emailed with ivoh and shared his perspectives and insights on immersive journalism, the skewed portrayals of migrants, writing and resilience …