Logan Nonfiction Program Receives $70,000 in New Support


Two individual gifts will benefit longform journalists around the world

The Carey Institute for Global Good announced today that its Logan Nonfiction Program—a unique initiative for nonfiction writers, documentary filmmakers, photojournalists, and multimedia reporters—has received support from two individual donors: $25,000 from an anonymous donor and a $45,000 bequest from the Lawrence Grauman, Jr. Trust.

Larry Grauman was the editor of the long-revered Antioch Review in the 1970s and a close follower of public affairs throughout his lifetime. His bequest gift makes a lasting impact by supporting the investigative journalists whose work helps build an informed and engaged democratic citizenry across the world.

The Logan Nonfiction Program relies on both foundation and individual support. Though public grants and private foundations provided the bulk of the program’s financial backing to date, a growing number of individual donations and bequest gifts have helped the program grow.

“These individuals are passionate about our mission and want to support it financially in the most demonstrative way possible,” says Program Director Tom Jennings. “They recognize that they are contributing to independent journalism at its root level, where writers and filmmakers are working hard to change the world with passion, but without a safety net. Individual donors play an integral role in helping us protect journalists, free speech, and independent, fact-based journalistic inquiry.”

Since it was founded in 2015, the Logan Nonfiction Program has hosted nearly 100 fellows for periods of up to three months at the Institute’s 100-acre campus in upstate New York. Nineteen writers, photojournalists and documentary filmmakers joined the program last month, forming the fifth class of fellows. They include world-renowned photojournalist Gary Knight, award-winning reporters Catherine Buni and Shane Bauer, as well as 16 other respected journalists reporting from Kenya, Bolivia, Syria, Ukraine, Germany, Liberia and across the United States.

By providing time and space for deep thought and immersive creation, professional development, and a community of peers, the Logan Nonfiction Program helps fellows complete critical pieces of work that contribute to an informed public and robust democracy. The program is committed to supporting influential research and reporting on the most pressing issues of our time.

The Logan Nonfiction Program receives primary funding from the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation and is also supported by the European Journalism Centre. However, gifts from individuals are imperative to the program’s success. While some individuals choose to support the Logan Nonfiction Program with unrestricted funds, opportunities also exist to support projects in specific topic areas, such as health, education, gender issues, environment and climate change, conflict and governance, and social justice. For further information on how you can support the program, please contact Rachael Maddock-Hughes, Director of Strategic Partnerships at rmaddockhughes@careyinstitue.org.

The Logan Nonfiction Program is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2018 class through May 31, 2018. Interested candidates may apply at the Carey Institute website. All questions regarding the application should be directed to nonfiction@careyinstitute.org.

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