Letter from the President


As we start the new year, I am excited to share more news of the Carey Institute for Global Good’s local impact. We are very proud of our roots in Rensselaerville, and through our Sustainable Communities Program have recently started several new initiatives that continue to deepen our interaction with our local community.

Our recently opened Helderberg Brewery Taproom is proving a welcome addition to the Rensselaerville community. Providing a hospitable venue for the community to gather and socialize, it supports the area economy by selling local products, partnering with neighboring businesses, and featuring local musicians and artists. It also provides a new venue to share some of the Institute’s work. Our “Carey On Tap” series highlights diverse subjects through talks with Logan Nonfiction fellows and demonstrations by visiting brewers and cidermakers. Preparations  are already under way for the annual Rensselaerville Ride in summer.

Our location in Rensselaerville is a key component to the success of the Institute. Our Logan Nonfiction fellows enjoy an environment that provides respite from their busy lives and allows them to creatively focus on producing their work. Our visiting brewers are eager for the opportunity we provide to work with innovative NY-state ingredients. Our program convenings benefit from the secluded and peaceful surroundings of the Catskill mountains to allow for deep exploration of important topics and make intensive learning possible. Our guests tell us that it is the unique character of both Rensselaerville and the Carey Institute that keeps them returning year after year.

In 2019, we will further strengthen our connection to the local community as we offer new activities and initiatives. With the recently awarded grant from the Hudson Valley River Greenway, we will conduct an assessment of rural-urban linkages and determine how Rensselaerville can benefit from improving connections with nearby urban centers.

“Think Global, Act Local” was first used in the context of environmental action, but it applies to much of what the Institute hopes to accomplish as well. We can learn about the benefits of mapping and using local supply chains and share that knowledge with markets all over the globe. We can host a convening here with local educators and include teachers from around the world online. We have opened our doors to journalists from 29 countries to come focus on completing their works, resulting in vital stories from other communities that can touch us deeply here in Rensselaerville.

Bill Carey held Rensselaerville in high regard as a place for community, respite and convening. It is because of his vision that we  will continue this tradition, through our programming and local-engagement activities, welcoming all community members, near and far, to join us in promoting peaceful sustainable solutions to both global and local challenges.


Gareth Crawford, President & CEO