Letter from the President


Letter From the President  

Two weeks ago, our campus was once again filled with like-minded individuals from across the country. This time, I had the opportunity to interact with nonprofit news journalists and journalism funders from across the United States to explore the challenge of measuring impact in the nonprofit journalism field. Regardless of the sector, we all experience similar struggles in the nonprofit world — the need to report meaningful impact, to secure resources to ensure program delivery, to reach those that need the services the most. This impact convening was an opportunity to take a deep dive into the common challenges faced across a relatively new sector. 

What strikes me most from these gatherings is the synergy that occurs when practitioners come together for a common purpose. I am more convinced than ever of the benefits of communities, networks and collaboration. There is strength in numbers. The sense of belonging to a larger community encourages and inspires. Smaller and newer organizations benefit from the experiences of their more established peers, who are generous in their willingness to share but benefit equally from their newer, more agile counterparts. Problems are vocalized, solutions are identified, and actionable steps are created so this collaboration is carried well beyond the confines of the gathering at our Institute. You will read here how the ability to report impact does not only affect journalism and the sustainability of journalistic operations, it influences the quality of the reporting and its ability to shape conversations, strengthen and engage communities and influence policies.  

These outcomes are at the heart of our work at the Carey Institute for Global Good, rooted in our mission and core values. I extend a special thank you to the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation and Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Foundation for their generous sponsorship of this important event. We are so grateful for your support.  


Gareth Crawford, President & CEO