Letter from the President


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I can’t believe that we are already halfway through February and I can’t believe how little snow we’ve seen!

We’ve had an incredibly busy and productive start to 2016 up on the hill here at the Carey Institute for Global hp5sclibGood. Mostly, we have been working on developing our digital presence in order to spread the word and expand the reach of all the good work we do here at the Institute. Very soon you’ll be seeing our updated website featuring videos, podcasts and all sorts of digital content.

We have started podcasting and are delighted that Rensselaerville’s very own Dennis Winslow has agreed to share with us his wealth of broadcast experience and mellifluous tones to host “Works in Progress”, a series of one-on-one podcasts with our nonfiction residents, exploring, in greater detail, the issues on which they are working.

Soon you will be able to hear Dennis in conversation with a variety of acclaimed and prize-winning reporters and documentarians discussing subjects as diverse as the environmental integrity of the Great Lakes; public life and administration in Yemen and the Middle East; ethnic diversity and the challenges for migrants, refugees and expats in Istanbul; and the story of Israeli soldiers challenging their mission in the Palestinian West Bank town Hebron.

Not only do we plan to complete podcasts with the entire class of nonfiction residents over the coming weeks, we’ll be producing podcasts with participants from our other programs too. Look out for podcasts on sustainable communities, small grains and all-things-beer over the next few months.

Additionally, we have recorded a series of video interviews with residents from our Nonfiction Residency discussing the merits of the program. Visit our website or our YouTube channel and you’ll be able to see residents extolling the virtues of our unique longform nonfiction program, as well as the benefits of working in our beautiful, inspiring, peaceful setting, surrounded by nature, in Rensselaerville.

More organically, and entirely un-digitally, our other exciting news is the launch of the Helderberg Brewery where we are brewing our own beers and promoting other local brews and brewers. Look out for the grand opening weekend of the brewery in March and sign up for the Growler Club. You’ll not only be able to sample some of the finest all-local lagers, ales, pilsners, porters, bocks, double bocks, wheat beers and stouts, but you’ll be supporting the global good whilst doing so.

So, if you have a few minutes to spare and want to unwind, come on over, digitally or physically, and support us making a better world at the Carey Institute for Global Good.