Helderberg Brewery Incubator Hosts Water Quality Workshop for Brewers


Day-long intensive will focus on the role of water analysis in brewing better beer

RENSSELAERVILLE, N.Y.—Helderberg Brewery Incubator will host a Water Quality Workshop for brewers on Friday, June 24 from 10 am to 4 pm in Rensselaerville, N.Y. The workshop will be held on the 100-acre estate at the Carey Institute for Global Good and is intended for small-scale professional brewers and those starting up.

Beer contains more than 90 percent water. As a result, the quality of a brewer’s water is very important in the flavor profile of the beer. However, not many small-scale brewers are aware of their water’s characteristics and how to leverage them in their processes. Knowing how to brew to your individual water’s strengths is an important skill for brewers—especially small-scale brewers interested in expanding their operations.

“Water can determine the style of your beer and the flavor profile,” said Greg Back, Helderberg Brewery assistant. “Since water helps dictate the overall quality of beer, water education is an easy and cost-effective step to brewing better beer.”

Instructors for the intensive workshop include Matt Falco of Brown’s Brewing Co.; John Cox of Pure Water Solutions; Mike Feldman of HACH Analytical Equipment; and Christian Ryan, production manager at Shmaltz Brewing.

Presentations will address everything from pH and alkalinity reading to understanding a water report to water modification. Attendees are invited to bring a sample of their own water for analysis and will be given equipment demonstrations, as well as recommendations for brewing to individual water strengths.

“Water Quality analysis is a cost-effective way for brewers to maintain consistency in their product,” said Matt Falco, brewer and quality control lead at Brown’s Brewing Co. “Understanding water content helps brewers craft a product that is true to style, and can even influence broader and more ambitious recipe development.”

The cost for the day is $75 and includes all presentations, lunch, water quality analysis and an optional happy hour following the workshop.

For more information or to RSVP contact Rebecca Platel at rplatel@careyinstitute.org or via phone at 518-797-5100.

The workshop is the second in the “Brewing Your Best” series. The first “Brewing Your Best” workshop was held in November and focused on techniques to excel for small-scale producers. Brewers do not need to have attended the November workshop to participate in June’s Water Quality workshop. The third “Brewing Your Best” workshop will be held in the fall.


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