Featured Artist: Nora Logan


Artist’s Bio:

Nora Humphrey Logan has always been interested in narrative. How does one thing turn into another? What is growth? What is time? What is essential and what is transitory? What do roads do? How do people live in these modern times? What does it look like?

Nora was born and raised in and around New York City. After attending Reed College (Portland, OR) and Parsons School of Design (NYC), she graduated with two BA degrees, in history and fine art. Following undergraduate school, she went to the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine where she showed a large painting of a sequence of ideas of a water lily, winning the Purchase Award for painting. Nora later worked as a studio assistant for Yvonne Jacquette and other realist New York artists for a few years. She maintained studio space in both Maine and Brooklyn, NY. In these spaces, she worked on a series of 6’ x 8’ landscape and seascape paintings, showing a 6’ x 8’ painting of a tidal pool in a group show at P.S. 22. One thing led to another. Nora turned her studio into a living room when children came and worked mostly as a decorative painter and muralist. She has always kept a drawing table and worked on small projects, comic books and collage books. Nora recently began drawing in Maine again and as well as new work in upstate, New York. Five years ago, Nora started drawing long sequences of flowers and plants, then beginning to use pencil to draw 10” x 5’ panoramas of the everyday world. The drawings are narrative; one part is necessary to locate and understand another.

To see more of Nora Logan’s work, check out her website.