Featured Artist: Bente Hirsch


Artist’s Statement

For many years Bente Hirsch has been painting and drawing in various locations: in the streets and parks of New York City, the Caribbean, Europe, South America and Marrakech, Morocco.

She always tries to catch the light, starting a painting indicating where the light hits. For her, capturing the light is most important. Depending on where you are in the world, the light will always be different.

Having studied at the Art Student’s League and the National Academy of Fine Art in NYC, she has received two first prizes in landscape oil painting at the National Academy.

Bente is now painting in her studio and surrounding areas in Rensselaerville. When not traveling, she shares her time between Rensselaerville and New York City.

Her paintings have been shown at:
The Grubbs Gallery, Easthampton, MA
The National Academy of Fine Art Museum, NYC
The Painting Group, NYC

Solo shows:
Bajo El Sol Gallery, St.John, VI
Michael Benchat Gallery, St. John, VI

Represented at:
Gallery 37
8 So. Walnut St., Milford, Delaware