Adrenaline – The Calm After The Tear Gas Storm


By Donna Stefano—Litro #151—April 10, 2016—

The shortest and quickest way by car from Ramallah to Jerusalem on January 17, 2009, required me to circumnavigate the Qalandia checkpoint, the largest checkpoint for Palestinians travelling between the two cities that hold most import to their daily life: one for business the other for religion. Qalandia ranks high on the list of most wretched experiences for any human, entailing waiting in lines of immovable traffic, being aggressively hawked cheap wares by ten-year old boys and playing bumper cars with impatient drivers as multiple lanes of traffic merge into a single-file line where cars are siphoned off one by one as Israeli guards shout out your car model allowing you to progress to the checking area of the checkpoint …