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Craft Beverage Incubator 

New York State’s craft beverage sector is emerging as a driver of local economic development in rural and urban communities across the state. The industry also has the potential to fuel the development of a diversified, value-added small grains system in the Northeast. However, significant investments in research, farmer training and infrastructure are needed to support continued growth of the movement as well as its distinct, place-based quality.

We have partnered with the Capital Region’s craft beverage community to address these needs. Through educational workshops, local supply chain and market development and the operation of our own farm brewery, we support the development of a farm-to-glass supply chain connecting farmers, malt houses and craft beverage producers across the region.

Upcoming Workshops

Harvest Timing and Processing 

Presented by Cornell Cooperative Extension
August 3, 2017 from 1PM to 3PM — Free
Argyle Craft Malts & Hops and Dry Town Hops, both of Argyle, NY
Register online:
Questions? Contact Tove Ford at 518 765-3518 or Lily Calderwood at

Hops Sensory Evaluation

Presented by the Carey Institute & Hartwick College
Friday, September 22 
Part I at Hartwick College

Part II at the Carey Institute   



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