sustainablecommunitiesFrom the Paris Climate Summit to Governor Cuomo’s Energy Plan to reduce carbon emissions in New York State by 80 percent by 2050, climate change mitigation and resilience has become a policy focus across all levels of government. However, turning ambitious policy goals into practice often requires a focus at the local level. The Sustainable Communities program brings together local leaders, social entrepreneurs and advocates from rural and urban communities across the region with sustainability experts and practitioners from around the world to develop and advance community-scale policy, practice and leadership strategies for climate change mitigation and resiliency.

Our Objectives 

The Sustainable Communities program cultivates and supports community-led initiatives to enhance the health of local economic, social and ecological systems while contributing to global climate change mitigation and resiliency goals. Specifically, the program will:

  • Facilitate partnerships and collaborative problem-solving within and between communities.
  • Elevate and advance climate change issues and opportunities within local- and state-level decision making, public policy and economic development arenas.
  • Cultivate and participate in innovative, community-scale projects.

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Rebecca Platel, Program Manager

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